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Naval Marine Archive

ACS is a not-for-profit charitable foundation dedicated to marine history and conservation, maritime research and nautical education, holding thousands of marine and nautical documents, books, images charts, magazines and is expanding their databases to provide comprehensive maritime research capability. Please visit the Archives and Collections Society's website, all the pages from this site have now been moved over. Thank you.

Nautical Almanac, Astronomical Almanac, Marine Navigation - Main Page
Almanach nautique et almanach astronomique [en français]
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Astronomy Tech Note A11-97
Marine, nautical, yachting and sailing - Main Page
Stormy Weather history, origins
Stormy Weather - Named for a Song
Stormy Weather - The Concept
A Star is Born
The Transatlantic Race of 1935 - Newport-to-Bergen
Stormy Weather history, restoration
Racing History Drawings
Lines plan
Sail Plan
Photo Album
Album 2
Album 3
Ancient Mariner
Cambria, 1870
The Captain and the Mermaids
"Coquina", by Herreshoff
Compass rose

International Collision Regulations
Index of Rules and Annexes
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Maritime Museums and Marine Archives, Prince Edward County
Marine museum, Douarnenez
Miller Atlas
The Yarn of the 'Nancy Bell'
Perry     Perry (more)
Seven masts
Shetland yawl
Shetland yawl - larger reproduction
Video and Music
The leaving of Liverpool
Farewell To Nova Scotia
Maggy May
Sea-Songs by John Masefield
Le Canot d'écorce
Morse and Morse Code - Main Page
Morse Code Documentation
Morse Code - Tech Note M11-97
Morse Code
Art Gallery - Main Page
Owl in the Sun
Watercolour art - Catalog Part 1
Watercolour art - Catalog Part 2
NOTE: Please use the catalogs to access the enlargements of all paintings - they are too numerous to be listed here.
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Maritime Mobile Page
Amateur Radio: More Sites
Marine VHF
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Tides - Tech Note T11-97 (installation, video drivers)
Tides: tide software program

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