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" Morse Code " version 4.13

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Morse Code Training, Practice and Exam Program

Fed up with trying to learn from those same old tapes that you know off by heart? Need to practice more on just a few symbols that seem to get you confused? Need a program that has been proven to get people through the Exam?

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Download this CW program designed for everyone from beginners to experts who need to brush up or increase their speed. This DOS based software runs well in Windows 3.x, Win95, Win98 and WinXP. Multiple features from basics to exams, random groups, text and video output. Type your own QSO's. Print out your exams. Everyone gets 10 free sessions before minimal registration, accredited Radio Clubs may register freely.

New in Version 4.13

Version 4.13, released July 2003, incorporated some changes required for WinXP™, including exam dates and punctuation practice. The full functionality of version 4.12 was retained:


  • Drop down Menus
  • Line by line comparison of your input in "word processor" environment
  • Completely revised time base with added precision on demand
  • Upgraded File display and delete section
  • Password protection by Examiner during tests
  • Elapsed time for tests and exams and print out of results
  • No more splash screens and slow starts for Registered Users



     You might want to read our full program Morse Code Documentation, or these installation notes for Win95 and the License before installing the software.



Installing to your Hard Drive:

Unzip to a new directory and run MORSE.BAT - not the .exe, Please do not edit any files, they are verified during runtime and the program will stop functioning or become inaccurate and unreliable. However, any ASCII text file that does not include special formatting characters (i.e. only contains upper or lower case alpha - numerics for which there is a Morse Code equivalent) can be renamed *.MOR and should run correctly. The program itself contains a facility to type in your own text files. This avoids boredom listening to the same ones time and again.


Help notes are available when program is running. We strongly recommend reading the section pertaining to getting started.




We have included a number of Files that you can practice with, by just listening, answering, or making a test of them. You can also type in your own and delete any that you get to know off by heart. Any standard ASCII text file, saved with the DOS suffix .mor can be used by the program - unknown symbols (&, æ, ß etc.) will transmit "error"


(Taken from I.T.U. Regulations and used in Stormy Weather SoftWare's Morse Code Training Program)

"The International Morse Code is to be used for all general Public Service radio communications."

For the purposes of determining the speed of transmission (words per minute), the program uses as default: taken at random from the 26 letters, 10 numerics and 9 pro-signs. The program includes a facility for modifying the speed of transmission (in " SETUP and HELP ") based on test files CODEZ.MOR and TEST3MIN.MOR - both included.

The user may modify the speed by using a "three minute" file other than the above for calibration of the default 180 seconds in "Setup." Such changes will be re-used by the program during subsequent sessions.

Download the software

We have regrouped all our downloads here.

      Please note that our server gets extremely busy particularly in the evenings. If you experience difficulties downloading, please e-mail us and we will attach the ZIP file to our reply.

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