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The team at Stormy Weather is growing

For eleven years Stormy Weather Software Ltd. has specialized in software consultancy, marine and security applications, communications programming, web technology, video conferencing and graphic art. We are now pleased and proud to announce that Michael Larner, MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) has recently come aboard Stormy Weather to extend our services in Prince Edward County and the surrounding area, offering Microsoft Certified customized programming, database design and on-site training.


Michael Larner

On January 22nd 2000, Michael graduated from Loyalist College's Microsoft Certified Solution Developer Object Oriented Programming Course with honours. Additionally Michael has obtained three Microsoft Certificates:  

With these certifications, Michael will be able to create customized software tailored to our clients business needs using the Visual Basic programming language. Whether you envision an application that will track employee hours on a single computer or a program to monitor orders and inventory over multiple computers, we can create the program to suit your needs. A customized program will only improve your productivity with out all the extra bells and whistles. If you like the bells and whistles, we can do that too.

If you would like to extend the capabilities of your Access97/2000 database or a SQL 6.5/7.0 database to store your valuable information, we can help. By automating input or creating customized user data input screens or having a database interface with suitably adapted programming you can encapsulate the processes of your business complete with comprehensive reports to monitor your progress. It is impossible to overlook the importance of correct design and proper installation of your databases to allow your business to expand.

Sometimes the term 'user-friendly' is a stretch of the imagination. If you are a first time user, and computers are intimidating to you, or you feel you need to brush up your skills, we would like to extend our assistance. Within the comforts of our office, solve the mysteries of your computer with our on-site training. If you prefer we'll come to your home or office. We can clarify the functionality of any Microsoft Office program, such as Excel, Word, Access, or PowerPoint. The capabilities of your home or office computer can always be improved.

Now, more than ever, Stormy Weather Software can provide Prince Edward County and surrounding area with software consultancy, marine and security applications, communications programming, web technology, video conferencing, graphic art, plus customized applications, database designing and computer training. It is undeniable that the County is ready for Information Technology.

Stormy Weather Software Ltd. is dedicated to quality customer service, integrity and a long-standing relationship with our community.


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Note 1:

This certification covers the designing and implementation of Win32 desktop application solutions by using Microsoft Visual Basic version 6.0  

'Win32 Desktop Applications are applications that are run by a single user on a single computer that runs Microsoft Windows. These applications reside on the hard drive of the user's computer and use local COM components. These applications can employ a two-tier architecture that uses remote data.'



Note 2:

This certification covers designing and implementation of distributed application solutions by using Microsoft Visual Basic version 6.0.

'Distributed Applications are client/server applications that use a network in a multi-tier architecture to distribute their presentation services, business logic, and data services. These applications often access many different data sources. The COM components contained in these applications typically participate in transactions, and they can be shared by multiple users and multiple applications.'



Note 3

This certification provides the knowledge to analyze business requirements in a given scenario and then define technical solution architectures that will optimize business results by using Microsoft development tools.




Object Oriented Programming (OOP) - A class of programming language and techniques based on the concept of an "object" that is a data structure (abstract data type) encapsulated with a set of routines, called "methods," which operate on the data. Operations on the data can only be performed using these methods, which are common to all objects that are instances of a particular class. Thus the interface to objects is well defined, and allows the code implementing the methods to be changed, as long as the interface remains the same.     Back

Client/Server applications are the intelligent distribution of tasks between different applications and/or computers.     Back

Component Object Model is intended to allow you to pull pieces of precompiled programming code from different sources and make them work as services within another application.     Back

Visual Basic is an object orientated programming language that uses visual objects to aid in the programming process. The 'Visual' part: Since the introduction of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) programming languages have used the visual aspect to aid in the production of a program. The 'Basic' part of Visual Basic is the use of an older language, called 'Basic' that is more human language orientated than simply 0's and 1's.     Back

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