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Trying to help


This is a small utility to produce "rare" characters in e-mail, letters, etc such as £, ¼, ©, ð so on and so forth.
The author is:
Gordon Goldsborough
Bookworm Software
2021 Loudoun Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3S 1A3
Phone: (204) 474-7469
Fax: (204) 474-7650
and he is kind enough to state in his documentation:

Foreigner is freeware. This means that you can freely copy it, use it, and give copies to all your friends (as long you give them all of the unmodified files that you received–FOREIGN.EXE, FOREIGN.WRI and README.TXT).

So we have tried to help by letting you download Mr Goldsborough's super little utility FOREIGN.ZIP here [23,112 bytes]

Mr Goldsborough apparently would appreciate a postcard from users

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