Morse - Morse Code v4.01

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TECH NOTE M11-97 (Installation, Win95, including Networking)

Program: MORSE version 4.01
O/S: Win95 (all versions)


1 - Make a shortcut to MORSE.BAT

2 - Open the Properties to the shortcut, and use "Apply"/"OK" for the
	a) Program:
		Run Maximized
		Check Close on Exit
		In Advanced:
			Prevent MSDos detecting Windows
			Suggest MSDos mode as necessary
	b) Memory:
		Set all boxes to Auto
		Check HMA
	c) Screen:
		Set to "Full Screen" and Initial Size to "25 lines"
		All else unchecked
	d) Misc:
		All unchecked/Off except "Warn if still active"
	The above has been tested successfully under Win95/Microsoft Client LAN

END TECH NOTE M11-97 (Morse - Morse Code v4.01)