Amateur Radio


The Q abbreviations take the form of questions only when followed by a question mark.
Q-code Question Information
QRA What is the name of your station?The name of my station is...
QRB How far approximately are you from my station? The approximate distance between our stations is ... nautical miles (or ... kilometers)
QRG Will you tell me my exact frequency (or that of ... )? Your exact frequency (or that of ...) is ... Khz (or Mhz)
QRH Does my frequency vary?Your frequency varies.
QRI How is the tone of my transmission? The tone of your transmission is 1=good 2=variable 3=bad
QRK What is the readability of my signals? The readability of your signals is 1=bad 2=poor 3=fair 4=good 5=excellent
QRLAre you busy?I am busy
QRM Are you being interfered ? I am being interfered with: 1=nil 2=slightly 3=moderately 4=severely 5=extremely
QRN Are you troubled by static? I am troubled by static: 1=nil 2=slightly 3=moderately 4=severely 5=extremely
QRO Shall I increase transmitter power? Increase transmitter power.
QRP Shall I decrease transmitter power? Decrease transmitter power.
QRQ Shall I send faster? Send faster (or ... words per minute).
QRS Shall I send more slowly? Send more slowly (or ... words per minute).
QRT Shall I stop sending? Stop sending.
QRU Have you anything for me? I have nothing for you.
QRV Are you ready?I am ready.
QRW Shall I inform ... that you are calling him (on ... Khz)(or ... Mhz)?. Please inform ... that I am calling him (on ... Khz)(or ... Mhz)
QRXWhen will you call me again? I will call you again at ... hours (on ... Khz)(or ... Mhz)
QRYWhat is my turn?Your turn is number....(or according to any other indication).
QRZ Who is calling me?You are being called by ... (on ... Khz)(or ... Mhz)).
QSA What is the strength of my signals? The strength of your signals (or those of ...) is ... 1=scarcely perceptible 2=weak 3=fairly good 4=good 5=very good
QSB Are my signals fading?Your signals are fading
QSDIs my keying defective? Your keying is defective
QSGShall I send ... messages at a time? Send ... messages at a time
QSK Can you work break in?I can hear you between my signals; break in on my transmission
QSL Can you acknowledge receipt? I acknowledge receipt.
QSO Can you communicate with ... direct? I can communicate with ... direct (or by relay through ... )
QSP Will you relay to ... ? I will relay to ...
QSTIs there any message for hams? Calling all hams
QSU Shall I send or reply on this frequency (or on ... Khz)(or ... Mhz)? Send or reply on this frequency ? (on ... Khz)(or ... Mhz)
QSV Shall I send a series of V's on this frequency (or on ... Khz)(or ... Mhz)? Send a series of V's on this frequency (or on ... Khz)(or ... Mhz)
QSWWill you send on this frequency (or on ... Khz)(or ... Mhz)? I will send on this frequency (or on ... Khz)(or ... Mhz)
QSX Will you listen to...? I am listening to ... (call sign) on ... Khz (or Mhz).
QSY Shall I send on an other frequency ? Transmit on an other frequency (or on ... Kkhz)(or ... Mhz)
QSZShall I send each word/group more than once? Send twice, or send ... times
QTA Shall I cancel message number ... ? Cancel message number ...
QTBDo you agree with my word count? (Answer negative)
QTC How many messages have you to send? I have ... messages for you.
QTH What is your position?My position is ...
QTR What is the correct time (in UTC) ? The correct time is...(in UTC)
QTXWill you keep your station open for further traffic from me? I will keep my station open . . .
QUAHave you had news of ... ? News of ... is ...

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