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The Internet is here to stay.  Itís growth is likely to be spectacular over the next year or so.  Here in the Quinte area of Canada we are lucky to be at the leading edge of development.

We at   Stormy Weather SoftWar have tried to use this document to explain and demonstrate some of the possibilities and hope that it might facilitate you in achieving all your needs and wishes.


  • you have a phone line, a fairly simple computer, and a modem
  • you believe that the Internet represents free (beyond installation and user fees) and unlimited worldwide communications
  • you have a local ISP (Internet Service Provider)

then you can:

  • have permanent advertising, information, activities, updates etc.
  • use E-mail listings and updating, or just to keep in touch with family and friends
  • receive business reservations, enquiries etc, including the possibility of SECURE use of credit cards and other sensitive information
  • have specific and/or other services covered

What IS a Web Page?

Ease of use and 'friendlinessí have largely replaced the days of computer complexity, clicking a button now replaces lengthy typed-in phrases, and full colour, possibly animated graphics already replace screenfulls of text.

So far, this page is fairly simple, using only basic HTML.

Animated Web
" . . . as the Web turns . . . "

But the Web is for communications, so we might want to try . . .

Yes! I'd like more information

The questionnaire on the right is fully functional - please give it a try (it might not work quite as expected on earlier Microsoft® browsers)

System :
Name :
Mr. Mrs. Ms.
E-mail :

Beyond the Basics:

Java in all it's forms can add functionality, inter-reaction and even fun to a page. Try this one -

- if you're "java enabled", the top box above should be filled in!

or, if you're getting worried that you're spending too much time here


Other Details and Costs:

  • Our fees are normally for the technical content of the HomePage(s) and vary according to content, particularly the Artwork involved.

  • Typically, a text only page using simple technology will be relatively inexpensive, a high tech Page with multiple graphics, automated responses and animation could cost a lot more, but still remain affordable. This would include all setup and minimum but sufficient personnel training for content editing. You be the judge of customer impact.

"We'll get you started . . ."

  • You supply the text and up to three images per page via E-mail. We will compose your page (your layout, colors, etc) and help you post it to your site. Your personal email return address is included.
    • Single page - $65
    • Three pages including automated e-mail response - $130
    • For Canadian sites, French can be included
    • Custom banners, advertizing, java etc - consult us
    • Site design, management, search, etc - consult us

  • Your ISP costs not included
  • Registration with search engines not included

  • Please be aware that the technical possibilities for Home Pages are increasing daily. We normally recommend a conservative approach, particularly for business customers interested in being fully compatible with all computer systems.

    High tech methods can be used, but be aware that some clients may have difficulty in obtaining the full advantages. At the very worst a page may be hardly legible to a client.

  • We will be happy to modify, update or expand your pages at any point in time. As technology advances, we will advise you on increasing the impact and effectiveness of your presentation.

  • We offer bilingual capability in French and English, and a working knowledge of other languages.

  • User fees: We normally recommend that you use a local ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as NetReach International - a subsidiary of Quinte Long Distance - will be pleased to advise you as to monthly user fees. To the best of our knowledge there is no additional fee for a Home Page at this time. They may also be in a position to offer reductions in normal phone bills.

    Going further afield for the Big Name providers may dramatically increase your phone bill and will not give you the personal service we all like to enjoy!

  • Initiating coverage by search engines. This is not difficult, but can be somewhat time-consuming. It does however ensure maximum coverage and we endeavor to assist you in continuing with this ongoing activity. While this may not be included in our most basic rates, we can provide this service on a one-off basis or as a continuing activity.


For more details, please write or e-mail us. We'll be happy to help.

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