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Gary Spence, VA2CK/VA3QC/KA0PLO, has been kind enough to submit the following article.

CK’s Ode To Dah Code

by Gary Spence

            We' ve all heard the cry "abandon the code!,
            it's useless outdated, NOT a mod-er-n mode!"
            So I said to myself,"could codes' day really be over?
            Best left for SKs' fer-til-iz-n' the clover?"

            So off went my paddle 'n keyer to a museum,
            so  those curious of our "past" could drop in an' see um.
            I then bought a computer and a box I was told...
            would update my station,using all hi-tech modes.

            It then was set up,all by my own hand...
            the screen it lit up et voilà Heard Is-land!
            I switched to transmit to" talk with this gent"
            but my screen read "sorry, can't copy 100%!"

            "There's static,interference if you could hear it you'd agree...
            if it ain't armchair copy we machines cry c'est la vie!"
            It then said "there is as YOU know a way to get through,
            it's called the code,and what luck for you!"

            "You've learned this art,you "stuck it out"
            'tis a valuable tool,there isn't a doubt."
            "You' ve invested your time,and besides the code you did learn,
            possession of valuable skills must be... EARNED!"

            So I say to you now don't get fooled when some say...
            "Codes an' old dinosaur fadin' away!"
            It's part of our past,present and future existence...
            anti-coders prepare for "beaucoup de resistence"

This is a poem I wrote as I love that CW!!!!

It is featured on The Yarmouth, Nova Scotia ARC homepage, Ray Sarrio's Home Page, Amateur Radio World and in the Ham Radio Online Humour Section. It has been also in "Key Note" the newsletter of the International Morse Preservation Society, and numerous ARC newsletters in Canada and the USA.

Take care... Gary VA2CK in Aylmer, Québec, Canada

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Posted Saturday, 14 September, 1996