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Public Software Library

     The following Web Sites, telephone and Fax numbers will allow you to purchase your Registration at Public Software Library, Texas. The prices from PsL are in US dollars, based on our Canadian prices plus a small handling charge, as follows:

     Please supply the Serial Number of the program if you have already installed your evaluation software (if you forget, we will have to request it from you by E-mail!). PsL will advise us when your payment has been made, and we will E-mail you your Personal Code Number (or ship the diskettes to you if you have paid the shipping and handling charges)

     We always try to respond within 24 hours of receiving your Order (Mon to Fri).

Web Orders from Public Software Library: Morse Morse Morse
Use this site if your browser supports secure transactions Morse v4.11 Tides v2.28 Astro v1.08
Use this site for fastest service Morse v4.11 Tides v2.28 Astro v1.08
Use this alternative site if you have any problems with the primary site. Morse v4.11 Tides v2.28 Astro v1.08
FAX orders: 713-524-6398
Please type or print clearly!
Item 15451, Morse Item 15445, Tides Item 15452, Astro
Email orders to: Morse v4.11
Tides v2.28
Astro v1.08
Voice orders: 800-242-4775
(or "800-2424-PSL")
Overseas or inside Houston:
Ext.15451, Morse Ext.15445, Tides Ext.15452, Astro

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