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Search Engine Submissions

At Stormy Weather SoftWare, we offer a very flexible service to

  • update your web pages so that the content is current and reflects any new ideas you wish to add
  • regularly promote your site on the web.

Once you have established a web site with the pages to show the public about your business, then begins the process of making your site easily found amongst all the millions of others sites. This is the process of putting your site in the search engines where your site can be found when potential customers are browsing for information about your business and the services that you provide.

At Stormy Weather SoftWare, we have many years of experience in this area of distribution where there is constant change in search engine technology - which ones are the most effective and how they treat material submitted, including the latest trends in spidering and cross-referencing. We would work with you to get the web site the broadest exposure and as near the top of the search engines as possible. This is done through "meta tags", descriptions and keywords, robot files, names, titles and other ethereal considerations such as preponderance and content percentages. Unless you are a programmer with in depth knowledge, these matters are transparent.

There is an art in knowing the best way to work with the search engines and we pride ourselves at being successful. On a monthly basis we would submit your site to hundreds of search engines - the average across our customer base is about 1500 per site - and this would include the major ten which require specific manual input.

We use custom software to:

  • follow the trends of your ratings
  • resubmit your pages on a monthly business
and as this can be highly automated, we are able to keep your costs to a minimum. Some months there may be more "editorial" changes required or desired, but usually we can average out our time over the year so that our monthly or quarterly fees remain stable, budgetable and reasonable

All of our major customers avail themselves of this service, and we have received nothing but compliments.


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