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How to Register our software

Registration consists of purchasing a Personal Code Number. Functional versions of Tides, Morse, Astro and RacePro may be freely downloaded for evaluation. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Prices   (in Canada Canadian Dollars)

Program Internet - no diskette Diskette via mail only
"Morse" version 4.13 Canada CDN$25 Please add Canada CDN$8 for
shipment within Canada, Canada CDN$12 for overseas shipment
"Tides" version 2.32 Canada CDN$95
"Tides" upgrade to v2.32 from early registered versions Canada CDN$30
"RacePro" (custom versions are normally supplied) from Canada CDN$55 - please contact us
"Astro" version 1.12 Canada CDN$45


   Secure  on-line ordering...

      We accept MasterCard and VISA (we bill at the prices above in Canadian dollars, your payment will appear on your statement in your currency - please check the rate of exchange - for example at the Bank of Canada), checks in Canadian and US dollars and Pounds Sterling drawn on major banks and written purchase orders from pre-approved schools, institutions and companies. We regret that we cannot ship COD.

      Transmitting credit card information is a concern for all online purchases. While it is possible for someone to intercept data sent using any technology, statistics show that it is rare. We make every effort to ensure that your information remains secure; after receiving your order information, it is immediately removed from our Web server. However, in the end, you must decide how best to transmit your credit card information to us.

      You can order by Mail using our Order Form.

      You can order by Phone Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time at +1-613-476-1177. Please have you Visa or MasterCard handy.

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