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Software downloads

Our screensavers are free of charge. Other software may be downloaded for evaluation (ten uses, will eventually time expire) and require registration for long term coninuing usage.

If you dowload a ""ZIPped" file, you will need to "UnZip" it. Any compression ("ZIP/UNZIP") software will probably do it, but we can recommend:

If you are using a "Windows" system, you will need a program such as WinZip - you may well have it on your computer, or you can download it here (you will need it for any programs that you download with the .ZIP extension). Once installed, WinZip will allow you to unzip our file to a new folder.
Then, to run our software, use the "Shortcut to MSDos" in Win95/98 (or the .PIF in Win 3.x) if supplied as part of the ZIPped file.
If you are using DOS, try PKZip 2.04g. Put PKUNZIP.EXE in the same directory as the downloaded file, abc.ZIP, then at the DOS prompt type in: "pkunzip" without the quote marks and all the files will be expanded for use.
To run our software, use the .BAT (batch) file if supplied as part of the ZIPped file.

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