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Stormy Weather SoftWare Animated Ball

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Some software sites . . .
Canada's Computer Superstore Front Desk in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Anders' Homepage  
Norton AntiVirus Updates Alchemy Mindworks
Alchemy Mindworks
, creators of Graphic Workshop, GIF Construction Set and other popular shareware applications.
The WWW Security FAQ Microsoft software download
Software, etc, buying Java at PCComp
PhoenixDataNET Microsoft FTP Site
ComputerIndustry Home Page Weather software and free active weather warnings and weather related news articles
Windows95 All you need World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
Welcome to Shareware  
WorldWide Web Mailing Lists WinMosaic
HTML Access Counter 4.0 Webber®, Toronto, Ontario.
Software Guide for Engineers
to help water resources engineers find usefull water related software.
Some Hardware sites . . .
GreyTech, Toronto - supplies ALL our hardware! Kendecom Inc, Radio Repeaters
Vendors, Products, &Services PC Webopaedia - definitions of computer terms, plus links to web pages related to each term.
Epson - printers, drivers, etc Intel Processor Systems - online PC care, maintenance, and troubleshooting. NCSA Virus Technical Labs - lists of known viruses and associated alerts and hoaxes.
And the Magazines . . .
  • BYTE Magazine
  • Dataquest Interactive
  • HotWired
  • IDG
  • MacTech
  • MacWeek
  • Macworld
  • PC Magazine
  • PC Week
  • PC World
  • Red Herring
  • SunWorld
  • TechWeb
  • Upside
  • ZDNet

    Some Yachting and Marine sites . . .
    We have established a more extensive list of links at the Naval Marine Archive , including:
    "CLEARWATER" on the Hudson Antique & Classic Boat Society
    Boat Owner's World Call Me Fishmeal
    Center for Wooden Boats Chesapeake Light Craft, Kayaks
    Crewed Charters in the Caribbean and elsewhere DN Ice Boats
    The Captain's Maritime Links G.P.S. Overview
    Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, Kingston, Ontario Le Chasse-Marée
    Landing School, Kennebunkport Maine Schooner Sailing
    Mariner's Museum, Newport News Mertens, Jacques, Boat Plans
    Model Maker's Heaven Mystic Seaport
    NOAA Home Page National Oceanographic Data Center
    Nautical Stuff Huge resource of searchable links Noah Publications
    Ohio St U Nat Hurricane Center Good Wood Alliance
    "PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II" Professional BoatBuilder Magazine
    Rosenstein's Sailing Page Very extensive.  
    West Coast Mall - Marine Radios, Antennas, &
    Accessories at competitive prices. Same day
    shipping in most cases.
    Maritime Life & Traditions
    WoodenBoat Magazine Wood Web
    Canadian Hydrographic Service  
    Ken Olsen's Sea Lanes - Numerous Links and lots of info Chester Yacht Club, Nova Scotia
    Southeast Marine Group
    International Telecommunications Union International Maritime Organisation
    "Boat Owners World" Burrard Yacht Club, BC, Canada
    Boat Exchange The Rope Locker by Schoonerman
    Cruiser Log Mariner's Guide
    AutoNav Marine systems  


    Some Amateur Radio sites . . .
    Amateur Radio Home Page Radio Study Guides
    W6BHZ- Cal Poly ARC ARRLWeb
    Ham Radio Online Magazine Ham Radio Online, other Web Sites
    More PERC QRZ Callsigns
    RadioAmateurs of Canada HamRadio Online Magazine
    G4NJH- Home Page Flea markets, conventions and hamfests
    Greenwich 2000: GMT Time since 1884 Whiterook Products Company
    AMSAT Amateur Satellites Boston Amateur Radio Club
    G4NJH a good, complete home page GJ4ICD very complete page
    American Radio Relay League MIT USA and Canada Callsigns
    N6GN high speed Ham networking Amateur Radio scanners
    QRZ Callbook QSL Manager list from IK4LZH
    Maritime Mobile Service Net RA UK Radiocommunications Agency
    RSGB Radio Society of Great Britain St Lawrence Valley Repeater Council
    Solar activity forecast from NOAA Software Boston ARC Archives
    VE4YE Home Page University of Buffalo ham radio FTP archives


    Fine Art, Artists and Galleries
    A. A. Art. Classical Art Gallery of Oil Paintings, Digital Illustration and Art Education! Modern Renaissance for XXI century, by Russian-born artist A. Antonov. Art Resource Database The Internets Largest Art Links Resource! Art, galleries, prints, pictures, artists, paintings, drawings, etc.
      Annettes Art Site
    The 4Th Line Gallery Gallery of Northwestern Ontario
    ArtScape Conceptual Dynamics
    Gallery of Fine Art Virtual Art Gallery
    World Art Web Site Stuart Wilde
    The Massurealism Society International Sea Dragon Studio Seascapes * Marine Paintings * Model Boats
    Artists League of Brooklyn Brooklyn Watercolor Society
      and, of course, the Owl in the Sun
    Various other sites . . .
    CBC TV News CBC Canadian Radio


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