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"TIDES" is an Ocean Tidal Prediction program that produces Tide Tables and graphical data for more than 800 ports worldwide and is valid forever. Free copy can be downloaded for evaluation. You will probably never buy tables again. Search by Region, Latitude or Longitude.

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This note should be regarded as a general guide to installation under Win95™

TECH NOTE T11-97 (Video failure Win95, including Networking)

Program: TIDES version 2.26
Problem: possible system crash accessing monthly data page under Win95
Cause: Windows 95 erratic screen paging with certain video boards


1 - Make a shortcut to TIDES.BAT

2 - Open the Properties to the shortcut, and use "Apply"/"OK" for the
	a) Program:
		Run Maximized
		Check Close on Exit
		In Advanced:
			Prevent MSDos detecting Windows
			Suggest MSDos mode as necessary
	b) Memory:
		Set all boxes to Auto
		Check HMA
	c) Screen:
		Set to "Full Screen" and Initial Size to "25 lines"
		All else unchecked
	d) Misc:
		All unchecked/Off except "Warn if still active"
	The above has been tested successfully under Win95/Microsoft Client LAN
conditions using a video adapter that had been previously known to crash
the software.