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Year 2000 compliance

This document is a year 2000 readiness disclosure made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act in the United States of America. It may also be considered as a general statement within the scope of other Year 2000 compliance issues.

1. Stormy Weather supplies software tools ("Stormy Weather Software") that its end-users and third party partners ("Customers") use for various purposes. The Stormy Weather Software listed below is "Year 2000 Compliant" meaning that there are no date issues that will impair the reporting of data or the proper functioning of an application run before, during, or after the year 2000, including February 29, 2000, and there is no year that by its occurrence will cause the software to cease functioning. This does not apply to:

(a) non-Year 2000 Compliance arising from the design of a particular application used in conjunction with Stormy Weather Software or its underlying operating system, file system or database

(b) non-Year 2000 Compliance caused, present or inherent in the data, database or native file system that the Stormy Weather Software accesses, including, but not limited to, dates or date formats that are not century aware, and

(c) non-Year 2000 Compliance that cannot be demonstrated to occur in another copy of the same Stormy Weather Software.

2. Customer must notify Stormy Weather promptly of any non-Year 2000 Compliance and provide Stormy Weather with a reasonable opportunity to remedy any non-compliance, and assistance in identifying and remedying any non-compliance, including: providing hard copy documentation of problems, remote dial-in access, additional computer runs to duplicate the non-compliance and allowing access to data files, listings and console logs.

3. Stormy Weather reserves the right to implement remedies to non-compliance in currently supported versions of Software only. This may require Customers using Software that is not currently supported by Stormy Weather to upgrade to a currently supported version.

4. The Stormy Weather Software to which this statement applies appears below:

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